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Year One at Temazcal; Beer Garden for Union Square

Now the weekly word from our cousin, Eater Boston, who eats and eats, and never gains a pound.

SEAPORT—For the latest installment of our interview series One Year In, Eater speaks with Temazcal Tequila Cantina chef and partner Todd Hall. He says that the year has been a blaze of glory, with months gone by without an open seat in the house. The only snag? Bostonians didn't want to eat his baby goat burrito.
SOMERVILLE—Chef Tim Wiechmann of T.W. Food in Cambridge plans to open a new, bigger and more casual restaurant complete with a beer garden and in-house sausages in Union Square. Expect Bronwyn, named for his wife and business partner, to be open by fall.
CAMBRIDGE—The much anticipated All Star Pizza Bar opened yesterday from the folks who run All Star Sandwich Bar, which is just a stone's throw away in Inman Square. One the menu: The Dukes Of Hazzard pizza, with grits, breakfast sausage, soft baked eggs, and pickled chilis.
LONG WHARF—It's official: after a series of pop-up dinners including a preview of the menu for the upcoming restaurant La Brasa, the original Sel de la Terre on State Street closes this Sunday. In its place, City Landing will spring up.