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No. 9, No. 9: First Two Proposals for Greenway Parcel

The first two of four proposals are now in the ring for developing the so-called Parcel 9 between the Rose Kennedy Greenway and Blackstone Street near Faneuil Hall. One's about history lessons, the other about locavores. Details per Jeremy C. Fox at

In this corner...

The nonprofit Boston Museum, led by developer Frank Keefe, has called for a 100,000-square-foot building designed by Cambridge Seven Associates, with brick on the Blackstone Street side transitioning into glass facing the Greenway. It would reach four stories and a 66-foot height halfway in, with an 82-foot fifth story on its final one-third. Its exhibits on Boston’s history and development would unfold in five categories: growth, people, politics, sports, and innovation.

And in this corner...

Area landlord Philip DeNormandie, Cresset Group founder Edward G. Nardi and architect Sy Mintz have proposed a 112,000-square-foot market building, which would have a small, one-story section about 15.5 feet in height at Hanover Street, rising quickly to two stories and 30.5 feet and then to a seven-story, 83-foot section in its final third (there would be a small greenhouse at the two-story section). It would have a similar first-floor layout to the Boston Museum, with the majority of the space for market activities. Key difference, though: The space would be a chi-chi market buying its wares from local producers.

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Parcel 9

Blackstone Street, Boston, MA