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Google Obviously Feeling Lucky in Kendall Square

Google is wasting no time marking its territory in Kendall Square. Details are emerging, along with speculation, as to what the Internet hegemon plans to do with the extra space it got approval for last month after weeks of uncertainty that included a push by Boston to pull it across the Charles. We knew about that Google would nearly double in size to 300,000 square feet with two new glass connectors. It might also have:

· retail and space for the public in those connectors;
· more classes for the public;
· soundproof nap rooms; aquarium relaxation rooms; and on-site doctors for employees;
· 500 more employees, who currently work half a mile away;
· and the largest Google campus outside of Mountain View, Calif.; San Francisco and New York.

Construction is expected to start this year and be done by mid-2013. If it all seems fast, well, sayeth Steve Vinter, the firm's local chief, “Google moves at an incredible pace, and it can be jarring."

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Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA

4 Cambridge Center

4 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA