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Boston Parents Feel Pressure to Split City Over Schools

Boston's soon-to-be-new housing may not be the family-friendliest, but the city does have have households with kids, kids that need schooling—too many kids that need schooling, in fact. The School Department, according to The Globe's James Vaznis, received 2,306 kindergarten applications for the coming school year, up from 1,823 last year, an increase of more than 25 percent. The city's trying to fix this space shortage by adding kindergarten classrooms (and staff) at five schools: Umana Academy in East Boston, Harvard-Kent in Charlestown, Mission Hill in Jamaica Plain, and Haley Elementary and Sumner Elementary, both in Roslindale.

"We didn’t think it was going to be like rolling the dice," said Whitney Hayden, whose daughter is at the bottom of the waiting list for Warren-Prescott K-8 School, just two blocks away from their Charlestown home. "We feel like the situation is out of our control, which is an unsettling feeling. . . . And we feel like it’s pressuring us to make a decision that we don’t want to make, which is to leave the city." Funny, tech was supposed to fix everything.

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