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What's the Oldest Boston Listing Over $10M Now?

Before it sold last week for a gong-rattling $12,500,000, 15 Commonwealth Avenue was the oldest listing on the Boston market above $10,000,000. What takes its place (besides the Ames-Webster Mansion on Dartmouth Street, which is a foundation HQ waiting to happen)? The 5-BR, 7-BA, 8,682-square-foot townhouse at 56 Beacon Street in Beacon Hill. It's been on the market 432 days now, and is asking, auspiciously enough, $12,500,000. With that comes a dining room that can seat 14 comfortably; a mud room; an au pair suite; a master suite that takes up the entire third floor; and eight fireplaces. It needn't worry, then, at least not too much: It's got a year or so before that—15 Commonwealth spent well over 1,000 days on the market.

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Ames-Webster Mansion

306 Dartmouth Street, Boston, MA 02116