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The 10 Priciest Boston Listings That Promise You an Office

Last week, as part of Curbed University, we defined what an "office" can mean in Hub real estate. Where can you get one of these "offices," especially as Tax Day approaches and you could really, really use a write-off? Glad you asked. Here are the 10 most expensive listings in Boston that specifically offer an "office" as part of the floorplan.

Address: 31 East Concord Street
Price: $2,335,000
This 5-BR, 4.5-BA South End townhouse also offers the office as a potential au pair room. Depends on where you are in life, we guess. The place was price-chopped just this week by $64K.
Address: 27 Braddock Park, #1
Price: $2,379,000
The 3-BR, 3.5-BA in Back Bay just comes out and says that the office could be one more bedroom. Poof goes the illusion.

Address: 90 Commonwealth Avenue, #18-19
Price: $2,399,000
This Back Bay condo is also forthright: one of its 5 bedrooms can be used as the office (the current owner's doing so now), and others can be used as the library and for "dressing/exercise." The price was chopped, um, two days ago by $91K.
Address: 12 Marlborough Street
Price: $2,699,000
This 3-BR, 2.5-BA in Back Bay specifically cites the home office off the kitchen. Yum!

Address: 17 Rutland Square
Price: $2,895,000
This 5-BR, 3.5-BA townhouse in the South End combines the office with the library.

Address: 96 Pinckney Street
Price: $2,999,000
The office in this 5-BR, 5-BA Beacon Hill townhouse would come with a fireplace and a third-floor perch.
Address: 2 Avery Street, #31C
Price: $3,395,000
We don't know—a 3-BR, 2.5-BA high up in the Ritz? You really want to put an office in there and kill the buzz?

Address: 250 Boylston Street, #3A
Price: $5,500,000
This office in this 4-BR condo has one of its 5.5 bathrooms.
Address: 9 Arlington Street
Price: $5,990,000
A Back Bay triplex with 5 bedrooms + the office (no mention of it as a possible 6th).
Address: 56 Beacon Street
Price: $12,500,000
As of last Friday, this 5-BR, 7-BA townhouse is the oldest Boston listing above $10M.

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15 Commonwealth Avenue

15 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA