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Downtown's Higher-End Condo Sales; BU's Boundaries

DOWNTOWN—Broker John Keith crunches the numbers for higher-end (read: $1M and up) condos: "I’d say that the high-end market is 'healthy' but not necessarily 'strong.' The level of inventory is not high, compared to prior years, so buyers have a fair selection to choose from. Lack of options is not what is keeping buyers from closing deals. Thus far this year, though, buyers may simply be holding out for something better, or hoping to make deals." [John A. Keith]
FENWAY—Sounds about right: "I can always tell when I am crossing the proverbial boundary lines of the BU campus and those surrounding areas BU students are curious enough to venture out into on a Friday night ... The change is far from gradual, yet you never notice it until you look up and see that the quite nuclear family from Rhode Island has been replaced by a conspicuous gaggle of 12-15 bros who have taken pre gaming to a new level. It’s happens somewhere between Copley and Hynes. And a whirl wind later, you’re in Allston." [FiveThousandWordsaDay]