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Here Comes Harvard to Finish Allston Plan—Eventually

The Harvard Mafia plans to start a capital campaign next year to raise at least $6 billion, some of which will surely be spent to jumpstart construction in Allston that the Great Recession building-blocked. University officials are being coy on the details, with the campaign having entered a so-called quiet phase of reaching out to major benefactors. Once that phase is over, then we'll know more about the money amounts and where they'd go.

One place being bandied about, though, already is Allston. The university had jumped across the Charles from Cambridge into the Boston neighborhood in a big way in 2009, having bought 350 acres and broken ground on a $1 billion science center. The center was to be a linchpin of larger development in Allston, including apartments at Barry's Corner. For now, though, the biggest feature of the development is a 6-acre abandoned construction site.

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