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North End to Drunks: Knock It Off or Go to Jail

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North End residents and retailers especially have had it with the drunken revelers hitting the neighborhood every weekend and vomiting "like it's South Beach." They have asked the police to start arresting the most obnoxious ones to send a message: the North End is not one big dive bar.

The biggest offenders, according to many in the neighborhood, come from Suffolk University, but a lot simply stream in from nearby downtown, particularly the Faneuil Hall area (damn Boston's walkability!). What do they do when they get to the North End?

Per Martine Powers of The Globe:

· Jorge Mendoza, co-owner of Vinoteca di Monica on Richmond Street "no longer puts potted plants outside the restaurant; they just get kicked over, yanked up, vomited on."
· "And once, someone threw a 24-ounce beer bottle through the window of his father’s first-floor bedroom."
· "If you’re eight buildings up the street and someone yells ‘Richhhaaaaarrrrrd,’ it resonates," Anthony Bova, co-owner of Bova's Bakery and a landlord of several North End buildings, said. "It’s a problem. People have the right to sleep."
· "Young people, stumbling home from Faneuil Hall bars, shouting and screeching into cellphones. Downing beers and vomiting ... Choosing the front doorway of DiPaola’s upscale Italian restaurant to, er, answer nature’s 2 a.m. call."

Boston police, for their part, say they will station more officers in the neighborhood on particularly party-hearty days. They will even hand out pamphlets to revelers to educate them on how their vomiting, pissing and pre-dawn screaming might possibly bother people. And Suffolk University will give a good talking-to to students who might be involved. Problem solved.

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