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Southie Crime; Your Neighbor's Smoking Is Harming You; More!

CHELSEA—One less headache for the road: "The new bridge carrying Chelsea Street over the Chelsea Creek at the Boston/Chelsea line is scheduled to reopen to traffic on Saturday, May 12." [Massachusetts]

SOUTH BOSTON—It's what one pol called a "defining time" in the old neighborhood: "Over 500 residents packed the Tynan Community Center Monday night for a public safety meeting. Spilling into the center’s quad and balcony, residents eagerly listened to what elected officials and law enforcement plan to do about the drug problem in South Boston and the violence that goes along with it." []
HUB-WIDE—Though more and more buildings have banned it, in-door smoking persists. And it's killing you. Oh, yes, it is: "People who live in apartment buildings, especially those with children, breathe in tobacco smoke even if no one in their own household smokes, a new study shows. Researchers found that about one third of study participants living in apartment buildings, condominiums and other multi-unit housing reported smelling smoke in their buildings, and about half of those residents reported smelling smoke in their own units." [MSNBC]

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