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Boston's Biggest Alleged Trash Scofflaw Eyes Big JP Project

Anthony M. Nader's Cedar Valley Development plans a 195-unit apartment building at 105A South Huntington Avenue near the Jamaica Plain-Mission Hill border. This is the same Anthony M. Nader who is allegedly one of Boston's biggest trash scofflaws. He owes the city $11,000 in unpaid trash fines tied to properties at 881 and 887 Huntington Avenue, about a half-mile north of his latest plans.

Those plans call for mixture of low- and mid-rise residential and retail components on a 1.1-acre parcel that Nader won in an auction in the middle of the last decade (part of the parcel, once controlled by a local American Indian tribe, is pictured).

As for the trash fines, Nader tells The Herald's David Wedge that he plans to appeal. They were all because of a dispute with a neighbor over a Dumpster, you know how that goes. And the liens that he apparently also has on other properties, some from the 1990s? He'll pay those off, don't you worry. The South Huntington Avenue development is still under review by the Boston Redevelopment Authority, which would have to change the zoning for it to go forward. Oh, and one more thing along those lines: Nader, and his family and friends, are donors to Mayor Tom Menino.

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[Angela Rowlings via The Herald]

105A South Huntington Avenue

105A South Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA