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Five Hub Neighborhoods, Five Hub Homes, All $409,000

Every Thursday, Curbed Comparisons breaks down what you can get at the same price point in five different* Hub neighborhoods. This week: $409,000.

We'll start in South Boston, which is about to take its star turn on reality TV in part because of condos like this one at 98 Old Harbor Street: a new-construction, 753-square-foot 2-BR, 2-BA with a Jacuzzi, a private deck, gas fireplace and central air. See, the conceit of A&E's just-announced Southie Rules is a long-time family fights gentrification. We'll stay out of the fight, and just say that there's Carrera marble in the bathrooms, the same kind of marble preferred by Michelangelo.

Staying in Southie, here's a 2-BR condo at 165 West 7th Street that's 615 square feet bigger but one bathroom shorter. It's a duplex with central air, lots of storage space, an island in the kitchen, and a private deck with a fenced-in brick patio off it. It last traded in November 2000 for $225,000, and was price-chopped by $10K late last week.


Now to Back Bay, where $409,000 lands you a plush studio in the elegant, old brownstone (is there any other kind in Back Bay?) at 252 Commonwealth Avenue. It's got 475 square feet, a bathroom (natch), and the potential for a Murphy bed. It last traded in July 2007 for $350K.

From a studio in Back Bay to a roomy 3-BR, 1.5-BA in Brighton. This condo at 141 Nottinghill Road spreads over 1,065 square feet, plus—plus!—750 extra square feet in the walk-up attic. It last traded in November 2004 for $399,000.

We shall finish in Charlestown, in a 2-BR, 1-BA, 921-square-foot condo at 14 Franklin Street with deeded garage parking and a private deck. There's lots of closet space, too, plus central air, a wood-burning fireplace and laundry in the shared basement. And who among us doesn't like a wall painted in warm royal blue? The condo last traded in June 2007 for $395,000.

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* a couple of these homes are both in Southie