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Second Southie Reality TV Series; Tipping Point in the 'Burbs?

SOUTH BOSTON—Oh, dear god. There's a second Southie reality TV show a-comin': "Camera crews will have to battle it out for visitor parking spaces, as 495 Productions (Jersey Shore) is also putting together a show for TLC. Southie Pride (working title), set to premiere this fall, follows five women as they 'struggle to make a life for their families and protect the people they love the most.'" Isn't there something like that already out there? [ Boston Daily]

WATERFRONT—Tom Keane reminds us of the challenges still faced in re-imagining the Boston coastline: "Development is concentrated on the South Boston Waterfront, but while the money is largely in place, another financial crisis like the one in 2008 could derail everything. The city has big ideas for new dwellings in East Boston, but they are still dreams that depend, in part, on a successful rollout of a water shuttle that would connect Maverick Square to Fan Pier." [Globe]
HUB-WIDE—Bill Janovitz reads the tealeaves in the western suburbs re: supply and demand on the sales market: "Most closings [now] likely reflect offers accepted in February and March. I predict closings in June and July will have fewer average days on market, reflecting the faster-paced spring market." [Boston Daily]