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Boston Not a Seller's Market; Happy B-Day, Charlestown!

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BOSTON—According to Redfin, there are enough homes for sale in Suffolk County, which includes Boston and Chelsea, to satisfy 6.1 months' worth of demand, which means the city is not, in fact, technically, barely, in a seller's market: "If supply dips below six months, it’s considered a seller’s market." So there. For now. [Redfin]

CHARLESTOWN—It was 138 years ago today that the neighborhood was annexed by Boston. People have been name-dropping the Gas Light District ever since. [City of Boston Archives]
MALDEN/MEDFORD—Recent apartment-building trades have tenants up in arms: "Allston-based Alpha Management had barely signed a $23.5 million deal April 26 to purchase the 248 units, when the company began slipping notices under tenants' doors demanding as much as 20 and 30 percent more, to take effect June 1." []