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Google Maps' Dot, Comm; Bookish Cambridge; More!

HUB-WIDE—Google Maps has begun to recognize our abbreviations, like Dot and Comm (though no Mass Ave. quite yet). [Bostonography]
CAMBRIDGE—Amazon has pronounced the People's Republic the second most well-read city in America, behind Alexandria, Va. "Hard to believe, but Boston did not make’s top 20. Reading, it seems, is far more popular in cities such as Miami, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis..." []
HUB-WIDE—Rona Fischman tells her fellow brokers to exercise caution when showing a listing that has tenants: "On Wednesday, I showed a three-family house that had an empty apartment, where the deceased owner had lived. Downstairs was an apartment the looked like the Garment District’s by-the-pound room. The tenant, and tons of her collected stuff, was there. Upstairs, the other tenant’s place was decorated in a theme (the beach) and was clean, bright and charming.." []