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SWAT Teams Swarm Apartment Site; Nantucket No. 1

THE ISLANDS—National Geographic names Nantucket the No. 1 island on Earth: "Nantucket was once one of the richest places in America, built on the profits of the whale oil industry. Even today in the delectable old town there are fine brick houses with silver mailboxes. Old-time sailors used to call Nantucket 'The Little Grey Lady of the Sea.' On the misty morning I first arrived there, I could understand why." Glad to hear it. [BostInno]
SOUTH END—Until it becomes the Ink Block apartment complex starting next fall, the old Herald building on Harrison Avenue has another use: "BPD is using the building ... to train new members of the SWAT team on various techniques related to room clearing and search warrant execution." [Herald]

The Ink Block

Harrison Avenue and Herald Street, boston, Ma