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Boston Bikers and Red Lights; Logan's Poor Reviews

BOSTON—Patrick Doyle acknowledges that bikers can be reckless jerks but says there's a reason for at least some of their behavior, like running red lights: "... Boston’s streets often push bikers into breaking the law. Yes, seriously." His theory hinges on the wait times at traffic signals. [Boston Daily]

EAST BOSTON—Logan, which we happen to love, fared pretty badly in a recent list of the nation's best and worst airports: "Logan Airport is far from the cleanest major airport (17th) in the country, according to T+L readers. Nor is the staff known for its rapid response when something goes wrong (rated 18 out of 22 for customer service). You’ll probably wait in check-in and security lines (16th), and when you arrive, factor in extra time to wait for your baggage as well (17th). On the plus side, Logan is lauded for its convenient location (seventh)." [Travel + Leisure]