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First Part of Seaport Square Under Way—And It's Innovative!

Pols and private developers officially broke ground yesterday on the 12,000-square-foot, $5.5 million Boston Innovation Center on Northern Avenue near the Fan Pier, a would-be hub for the ballyhooed Innovation District (whatever that may be and however that may be marketed). It's designed and destined as a place for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to gather, and hash out hash tag-able ideas that techies in nearby micro-apartments can then spin into million-dollar ideas.

The center is the first part of the 23-acre Seaport Square development to get under way (above is a Herald video of Seaport Square co-developer John Hynes explaining things better than we could). The center will include 9,000 square feet of modular meeting and event space as well as a 3,000-square-foot restaurant and test kitchen designed to help fund its operations. As we mentioned yesterday, you can help name it, too, as, well, the center's moniker isn't too innovative right now.

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Seaport Square

Sleeper Street, Boston, MA

Innovation District

1 Marina Park Drive, Boston, MA 02101

Boston Innovation Center

75 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA