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Somerville's Box Bandit; Back Bay's Game of Cones

SOMERVILLE—Mayor Joseph Curtatone is as gaga for public art as we are, apparently, demanding the return of a missing Dig Boston distribution box: "The whimsical design, known as 'Rawr: The Awkward Godzilla,' was created by Somerville metal sculptor Cat Tweedie at the Artisan Asylum—and until last Wednesday—Rawr lived a quiet life in Davis Square, ostensibly scaring children, delivering papers, and giving passersby a chuckle." []
BACK BAY—Broker David Bates asks that you see parking as a game, any orange cones as chess pieces and you as the King that can go in any direction: "The game is not about finding a parking spot, it’s about negotiating what you have to do in this great part of the city without getting a parking ticket. Like any game, it’s an 'us versus them' proposition. We are the knowing—Joe Urban, city dwellers, workers or visitors. They are the darkly clad uniformed enforcers." [Bates]