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Downtown's Top Apt. Deals: 80 Percent Trade for Under Asking

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Four of the five biggest downtown Boston condo sales in April were for well under the asking price (adding weight to what we learned yesterday about the Hub's luxury market). Still, a meaty bunch these. Shall we?

No. 5
This 2-BR, 2-BA at 146 Beacon Street was the one that sold for above its asking price. Listed in March for $2,779,000, it closed on April 30 for $3,153,000. Its 2,984 square feet mean it traded for $1,057 a square foot. (And, yes, we're a tad freaked out, too, by the life-size Revolutionary-era guy in the corner there.)
· Listing: 146 Beacon Street, #3 [Link Boston]

No. 4
Listed back in June 2011 for $4,200,000, this 3-BR, 2.5-BA, 2,761-square-foot duplex at 313 Commonwealth Avenue closed for $3,500,000 on April 12. Per-foot it was $1,268; and includes three dictatorial private terraces in the new-construction building that's only three units.
· Listing: 313 Commonwealth Avenue, #3 [Link Boston]

No. 3
Barack Obama was at Harvard Law when last this 3-BR, 3-BA, 3,300-square-foot co-op (yes, co-op) at 81 Beacon Street was on the market. Originally listed in September 2011 for $4,500,000, it closed April 10 for $4 million even (or $1,212 a square foot).
· Listing: 81 Beacon Street, #5 [Link Boston]

No. 2
Forty-five Commonwealth Avenue is no stranger to mega-sales, having had the top downtown deal in November 2011. This particular 3-BR, 3.5-BA closed on April 27 for $4,150,000. It was originally listed way back in April 2010 for $4,475,000. Still, each of its 2,954 square feet traded for $1,405.
· Listing: 45 Commonwealth Avenue, #4 [Link Boston]

No. 1
The most expensive downtown Boston condo traded in April underwent a massive $300,000 price-chop about a month before it closed on April 10—and even then it went for more than $300K under the asking. Originally listed back in July 2011 for $4,799,000, the price on the 4-BR, 3.5-BA, 3,778-square-foot penthouse at 128 Beacon Street was cut by that first $300K in early March. That and the subsequent chop did the trick as it sold for $4,195,000 (or $1,110 a square foot).
· Listing: 128 Beacon Street, #L [Link Boston]

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146 Beacon Street

146 Beacon Street, Boston, MA

313 Commonwealth Avenue

313 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA