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Five Hub Neighborhoods, Five Hub Homes, All $599K

Every Thursday, Curbed Comparisons breaks down what you can get at the same price point in five different Hub neighborhoods. This week: $599,000.

We begin in Boston's Monaco, Bay Village, with a 2-BR, 2-BA condo spread over 1,145 square feet of 96 Broadway. A washer-dryer's included as are views of the Pru from the shared roof deck and garage parking. It last traded in July 1996 for $293,000 (we know, we know).
· Listing: 96 Broadway, #107 [Zillow]

Now we go a little bit up and over to a Back Bay condo at 234 Marlborough Street that's about half the size: 1-BR, 1-BA, 896 square feet. It does have better finishes, though, and a big storage closet outside the apartment. Plus, hey, it's Marlborough. (We've said it before: there should really be a real estate saying about location.) It last traded in May 2004 for $470,000.
· Listing: 234 Marlborough Street, #1 [Zillow]


Let's keep going northward to this 2-BR, 2-BA townhouse at 82 School Street in the heart of Charlestown. Constructed in 2000, it has 1,708 square feet, a small patio out back, central air, and windows on three sides for lots of natural light. But it looks new-construction, you know? The right touches, and it comes more to life, we're sure.
· Listing: 82 School Street [Zillow]

This Jamaica Plain condo at 6 Beaufort Road makes the cut because of a $10,000 price-chop earlier this month. It's four bedrooms with two and a half baths over 2,107 square feet steps from Jamaica Pond and in the corner of the building, meaning light on two sides. It last traded in May 2008 for $530,000, and promises few frills beyond the space. It's the biggest home on our list this week.
· Listing: 6 Beaufort Road, #5 [Zillow]

We end this week in the Hub's No. 1 neighborhood, with a 2-BR, 1-BA, 1,279-square-foot condo dating from the outbreak of the Great War. It's got the highest ceilings of the lot, plus a kind of phantom loft that promises more space than the listed square footage. There's central air and W/D included; parking extra. It last traded in July 2004 for $447,000.
· Listing: 485 Harrison Avenue, #203 [Zillow]

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