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The $1.4M Television Set Comes to the Hub

Yup. A newly launched New Jersey-based website called RealtyPerks has its sights set on the Hub. How does it work? The Herald's Ira Kantor explains:

Consumers can sign up and fill out an application for free, after which the company connects each member to one real estate agent in the respective market. After the consumer has made a home purchase or sale, the startup credits their account with one point for every dollar of the deal. So, for instance, spend $1.4 million on a house and get 1.4 million points, which gets you a 60-inch flat-screen. Don't have the cash nor credit for a million-dollar-plus home? You can get a table runner for $2,500 (er, 2,500 points). Lest you chuckle ruefully, nearly two dozen homebuyers in New Jersey and New York have signed up for the site. We're not sure if its entrance into the Hub is a sign of confidence in the housing market here or simply a sign that folks today are absolutely addicted to the idea of something for nothing. Next it'll be tweet your way to a lower mortgage rate (patent pending).

· Website Hooks Up Consumers, Who Can Earn Points, with Brokers [Herald]