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Charles Not in Charge: the Sales Saga Off the Common

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We told you a couple of weeks ago about a string of hefty price-chops at One Charles Boston that claims Back Bay provenance but that we'll simply say, for the sake of argument, lies in downtown Boston. This particular 2-BR, 2-BA, 1,480-square-foot condo was not part of the price-chops binge, but perhaps it might want in on that action: It has as of last Thursday been on the sales market for more than 1,000 days.

Why? It's asking, after all, significantly less than what it last commanded in November 2004: $1,549,000 now vs. $1,725,000 then. But a couple of readers have suggested (and we agree) that perhaps it's One Charles' location and finishes that preclude brisker sales at beefier prices. It's situated just south of the Common and therefore has some pretty stellar views; but there are other buildings that promise views just as stellar for similar prices and with better finishes than might be found in One Charles. See? There are gradients to luxury in Boston, and sometimes a building's location forces aspirational asking prices. Of course, the flip side to this could be that there are bargains to be had at a building with such views, whatever the finishes. We should note that there are 19 units for sale in the building; this fifth-floor one is not alone.

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One Charles Boston

One Charles St, Boston, MA 02116