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North End Ready to Go to 'War' Over Noise; More!

NORTH END—Peeved to the heavens with vomiting, block-long shout-outs and other behavior that would make the Jersey Shore cast blanch, some residents are taking matters into their own angry hands: “'It’s like a war,' says Janet Gilardi, who grew up in the neighborhood and raised her own family there. She and others are fed up with the noise from people spilling out of nearby bars at all hours of the night. They’re also concerned about a string of attacks on women. She is among residents advocating for a neighborhood watch group. She says it worked in the old days." [WBZ]
HUB-WIDE—Scott Van Voorhis reminds us that it's the money that matters the most: "While cosmetics count, getting the price right is arguably even more important. There seems to be little if any wiggle room on that count. Buyers are determined to protect themselves and price for many is a make-or-break factor, especially given how inflated real estate values still are here in Greater Boston, even after years of price declines and a tough market." []