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Five Hub Neighborhoods, Five Hub Homes, All $2,700 a Month

Every Thursday, Curbed Comparisons breaks down what you can get at the same price point in five different Hub neighborhoods. This week: around $2,700 a month.

We start Downtown at Tremont On the Common, a condo building at 151 Tremont Street that has not-infrequent rentals listed by owners or the management company. This 1-BR, 1-BA, 605-square-foot rental has, not unsurprisingly, fabulous views of Boston Common and Back Bay as well as access to the building's amenities, like a gym and 24/7 concierge. But what really rocks, not unsurprisingly, is the location: right on the bloody Common and smackdab in between two T stops, including Park Street. It's asking $2,700 even.

It was Longfellow who once wrote, "Real estate is the universal language of mankind." [Editor's note: not really.] So farther northeasterly we go to the West End and the Towers at Longfellow at 72 Staniford Street. There, this 1-BR, 1-BA, 1,010-square-foot apartment offers amenities, including a gym and a pool, similarly capacious to the Tremont On the Common. It also allows cats! Renting for $2,710.


Now, southeasterly, in the North End, we find at 108 Richmond Street another 1-BR, 1-BA, slightly smaller at 900 square feet, but with soaring ceilings in the living/dining room area and lots of natural light from large windows. The kitchen's a bit of a squeeze and it looks like there's some weird stain on the living room floor. But it is the North End. Renting for $2,750.

O.K., let's open it up a bit, and see what $2,700 or thereabouts can get you size-wise in the Boston city limits and with your dignity intact. This 2-BR, 2-BA in Southie, at 39 Dorchester Street, spreads over nearly 1,200 square feet. It's a condo, and both bedrooms can stomach king-sized beds. Plus, just like so many other condos Hub-wide, it promises its occupant an office (in this case, an "office area"). Garage parking is also included in the $2,750 rent.

So that Southie spread's sizable enough, but head 9 miles northwest, out of Boston and way into Cambridge (literally to the end of the line, after the Red Line's Alewife terminus), and find this 2-BR, 2-BA, 1,500-square-foot condo for rent for just $25 more at 773 Concord Avenue. Condo finishes, lots of natural light, spacious—but, like we said, kind of a hike. Better off maybe with the smaller North End place, stain or not.

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