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Pro-Blower Lobby Wins in Arlington; Newton Tomato Man Loses

ARLINGTON—Things are getting LOUD: "Landscapers and residents upset with a new leaf blower ban in Arlington have successfully forced the town to call a special election that could overturn the law." []
BOSTON—The city makes a list of anecdotal evidence about the luxury housing market's recovery (though we're not convinced): "Paul Bishop, [the National Association of Realtors'] vice president of research, told Bloomberg News that as the financial markets improve, demand for high-end homes is rising in the northeastern United States, such as in Boston and New York." [Realtor Mag]

NEWTON—Eli Katzoff must remove that hanging-tomato contraption from his folks' front yard by Friday or else: "Newton city officials have offered Katzoff three potential sites on public property for his garden, along with a deadline to remove the A-frame, 13-foot-tall, structure from his front yard." []