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Freeing the Rock in Allston; New Building for Seaport; More!

ALLSTON—A 238-year-old stone marker ("Boston 6 Miles") was caged for its own protection by the state after it was struck by a truck. "Free to rock" fliers soon appeared around the neighborhood. "Soon, state officials plan to do just that. The stone along Harvard Avenue... is one of four remaining in Boston and one of 47 known statewide out of at least 99 that once existed." []
BACK BAY—The average sales price per square foot for condos in the neighborhood from Jan. 1 through today is $786. [Charles Abrahams' Twitter]
SEAPORT DISTRICT—The Innovation District cannot be denied (even if it can't be defined): "The developer of the massive Channel Center complex in Boston’s Seaport district is moving forward on an 11-story office building, public parks and a parking garage, adding to the rapid redevelopment of the area in recent years." []

[Matt Rocheleau via]

Innovation District

1 Marina Park Drive, Boston, MA 02101