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Babe Ruth's Old Home; Drones to Sell Boston Apts.; More!

SUDBURY—A little out of our typical purview, but not beyond our interest: Babe Ruth's old farm is up for sale for more than he made in his entire career. To wit: "The estate known as Home Plate Farm in Sudbury, Mass., is on the market for $1.65 million. Ruth, who for decades held the major league career home run record with 714, lived in the home from 1922 to 1926..." [AP]
HUB-WIDE—The listing videos that many brokers make may be at a tipping point: "[Keller Williams' Paul] Campano is going even further. He has just purchased a miniature flying drone on which he will mount a camera and do an aerial-view video of listings." [Herald]

HUB-WIDE—Talk about delays. The above map, via advocacy group Connect the Dots, paints a worst-case scenario for the T in 2020 due to climate change: "The map, based on data from Climate Central, shows a harbor shuttle replacing several routes on the current MBTA sytem, including the entire Back Bay area, with Green Line stops like Arlington, Copley and Hynes Convention Center completely underwater. Additionally, in the map, all of Southie is underwater, as well as Logan Airport. In its place is a new airport out to the west of the city." [BostInno]