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There Are Capes on Nantucket, Just No Nantucket Capes

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We asked for your feedback in defining the "Nantucket Cape" that this West Roxbury single-family, which recently traded for $449,000, claims to be. Jonnyobrien emails:

Never heard of it.

Most modern Cape Cod style houses are knock offs of Royal Barry Wills designs from the 40's. Here's the best description from one of the architects at RBW explaining the differences between the 'classic' RBW Cape and the knock off.

You can find a few RBW houses out there, even those that are listed as actual RBW houses aren't.

In the case of this house, I'd even hazard a guess the bulk of homes on Nantucket are actually shingle cottages with a few Cape Cod style houses thrown in. So in short, I've heard of a Cape on Nantucket, never a Nantucket Cape.

Settles it. As for the "neutral Pottery Barn decor" claimed in the same West Roxbury listing, another reader writes in: "Pottery Barn-like furniture at Home Depot-like prices." Settles that, too.

· $440K in West Roxbury: Nantucket Cape w/ 'Pottery Barn Decor' [Curbed Boston]