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JP's 'Hot' Condo Market; Cobblers for Downtown Crossing

JAMAICA PLAIN—Broker David Bates turns it up to 11: "Hey, it’s not quite an emergency, but simply put, the Jamaica Plain condominium market is HOT. How hot? My quick survey of MLS statistics shows the absorption rate for under agreements in JP over the last month is less than one. So if you’re thinking about buying in this trendy Boston neighborhood, better wear SPF 750. Better yet, bring a fire extinguisher. It’s hot in there." [Bates]

DOWNTOWN CROSSING—Rally around the neighborhood, Boston! A Suffolk University forum thought out loud today about what's best for it now that the Millennium Tower is out of the bag: "The featured speaker was prominent Boston architect Howard Elkus, who said the community now needs what other development is necessary to make Downtown Crossing a thriving district. ... His own answers include a supermarket, more retail spaces, as well as more utilitarian shops like dry cleaners and cobblers." []

Millennium Tower

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