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Supermarket-Bringing Seaport Tower to Break Ground

A piece of the Seaport puzzle is expected to get under way this month. Perhaps the most consequential part of the $120 million Waterside Place at Congress and D streets isn't the 236 luxury rentals (though those matter in Boston, believe us) but the supermarket that's expected to join the development later. “I think what you’re going to see with that project are the amenities that are needed for the businesses that are locating on the waterfront,” Greg Vasil, C.E.O. of the Greater Boston Real Estate Board, told The Herald's Greg Turner. “There’s a reason to be there, and now the other stuff will come.”

For now, though, it's just something that Waterside Place is getting off the ground. Developer John Drew, who co-developed the World Trade Center and the Seaport Hotel in Boston, got the city's O.K. back in 2007, but the Great Recession got in the way. A June 26 ground-breaking is planned.

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Waterside Place

Congress Street, Boston, MA