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Rising Tide Lifting All Mansions; Underground Railroad Inns

And, now, the weekly word from our familial site down the Cape, where heat is a good thing.

CAPE COD—In honor of Juneteenth, we found four Cape Cod inns with ties to the Underground Railroad. Check out these trap doors, secret passageways and creaky floors from West Barnstable to Orleans.
CHATHAM—It's the tercentennial for Chatham, also known as the town's 300th birthday and they've got plans to "joyfully observe" for the rest of the year.
CAPE CODA rising tide is lifting all mansions on the Cape this year. The $2 million and up luxury housing market is on track to have a banner year.
COTUIT—Speaking of the luxury market, one year and just one price chop later, this Cotuit property is is contract. Last asking $4,950,000, we're asking readers to guestimate the closing price.