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A Bunch of Crazy-Looking Lobsters; Trendy Food Attacks

Who's that tucking in a napkin? Why, it's Eater Boston!

HUB-WIDE—A bunch of hot new restaurants opened or came that much closer to opening this week. In East Boston the charming little KO Pies at the Shipyard in Eastie has continued to add menu items and will soon offer the full range of Aussie delights. Meanwhile the enormous Empire is rumored to be ready for a soft-opening at Fan Pier by this weekend, the grilling haven Back Deck opened on Monday in Downtown Crossing, and Granary Tavern threw open its doors by the Greenway yesterday afternoon.
CAMBRIDGE—When Summer Shack chef Jasper White found a freakishly colored calico lobster in one of his tanks, it was only the beginning. A whole bunch of crazy looking lobsters have been popping up lately, with most appearing in the kitchens of local restaurants. Note to lobsters: the weirder you look, the less likely you are to find yourself covered with mayo in a hot dog bun.
CENTRAL SQUARE—When the Clear Conscious Cafe closes and the Harvest Co-op moves across the street in Central Square, wonder what will take their place? Oh, only the biggest-deal Korean supermarket in the country, known for its kimchi-laced food courts. Yes, H Mart is coming to town.
STATE-WIDE—Watch out, folks: the Commonwealth is in the grips of a wave of attacks using trendy foods. Thus far the weapons of choice have been a pair of jeans covered in wasabi, a steaming handful of mac n' cheese, and a bunch of sausage links.