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Nobody Panic, But Boston Could Drown Any Decade Now

It's not quite cats and dogs living together, and you shouldn't bank on beachfront property just yet, but unusually rapid rises in ocean levels due to climate change, etc., could put several parts of Greater Boston in danger of being unsuitably slushy for human habitation. Per David Abel at The Globe: "If sea levels rise just 2.5 feet, it could take little more than a Nor’easter to put much of the Back Bay, East Boston, South Boston, Chelsea, Cambridge, and elsewhere underwater, including much of Logan International Airport and the financial district" (or whatever it's called by then).

This is all over the coming decades so there are multiple chances to head things off or at least to consult the Dutch, especially for the sake of fresh development in places like Eastie and Southie. In the meantime, the city will inspect hundreds of miles of sewers, storm drain connections, pumping stations, and other utility systems this summer to assess what needs to be done; and the Boston Redevelopment Authority. The Boston Redevelopment Authority recently began requiring developers to fill out a questionnaire about climate change and its potential impact on their building plans. The city has also launched a green ribbon commission (get it?) to work with the private sector in standing athwart the rising tides. This attempt to shift attitudes, rather than foment panic, seems the sharpest preparation of all.

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