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Big Groundbreaking for Supermarket-Bringing Seaport Tower

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That most trusted of news sources, the Boston Redevelopment Authority's Twitter feed, informs us that the groundbreaking for Waterside Place in the Seaport District will happen sometime this morning. Recall, it's not necessarily the $120 million project's 236 luxury rentals (though those matter in Boston) but the supermarket that's expected to join the development later. It's a much-needed amenity in the growing area and possibly a beacon to other retailers mulling the district.

Today's groundbreaking at Congress and D streets is the end of a years-long saga: Developer John Drew, who co-developed the World Trade Center and the Seaport Hotel in Boston, got the city's O.K. back in 2007, but the Great Recession got in the way.

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Waterside Place

Congress Street, Boston, MA