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Tom Brady's Other Big Boston Condo Sale

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Things seem a little different today? Of course they do! Yesterday, we brought you the gong-rattling news that Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, the closest thing Boston will ever have to a Brangelina, sold their significantly-price-chopped-but-still-pricey 5,311-square-foot penthouse at 310 Beacon Street for $9.2 million. The buyers were a pair of apparent investors named William Walser and Peter H. Mattoon (who have yet to get back to us).

Our thoughts then turned to the last time this had happened, that Tom Brady had traded a condo in Boston proper. It was early 2008. A young state senator named Barack Obama was running for president. The goddamn Giants had just stunned Brady and Co. in Super Bowl XLII. Few people tweeted. Twas then that Brady sold his 3,412-square-foot, 3-BR, 3.5-BA spread at the Burrage House at 314 Commonwealth Avenue. He had bought it in June 2004 for $4,125,000, and got $5,285,000 for it in February 2008 (after listing it for $5,390,000). The condo's as exceedingly scrumptious as you would expect from the Burrage House (similar in detail to this spread currently on the market there for $4.5M), with suites for each bedroom (the master even has an entry foyer that appears from the floorplan to be bigger than the apartment's bar and to rival the living room in scope). The redoubtable Real Estalker has more details on the condo here.

As for the Brookline mansion that Brady and wife Bundchen reportedly agreed to buy in late 2009 for $10 million, we can't find any sign of the deal in Norfolk County records. There was never any news of the deal actually closing, either, and the reports of an agreement came about a year after Tomsele bought the land for their epic L.A. mansion, which was finished around January 2012, and around the same time they first listed the 310 Beacon penthouse. Maybe, like a great quarterback, he saw several steps ahead and backed out of that Brookline deal?

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