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Where Will All Those New Seaport Residents Grocery-Shop?

Yesterday, the $120 million Waterside Place development broke ground at Congress and D streets in the boppin' and ske-poppin' Seaport District, bringing the promise of 236 apartments to a growing area. Never mind that, though: the big thing, to us, has always been the supermarket that's supposed to go along with it. Developer John Drew tells The Herald's Greg Turner that Stop & Shop is the prime target for the tower's retail space. The chain already has nine stores in Boston, including one on East Broadway in Southie less than two miles away from Waterside Place.

But, the thinking goes, the tower rests in a whole new neighborhood. By the time Waterside Place is finished about two years from now, and a supermarket's ready to go in, the Seaport District and its environs will be well on their ways to adding hundreds of new apartments and tens of thousands of square feet of commercial space, including offices and shops. And, hey, if Stop & Shop doesn't want to be in at the (literally and figuratively) the ground floor of that, Wegmans and Whole Foods are also hunting for new Boston locations.

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Waterside Place

Congress Street, Boston, MA