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Somerville's Sales Bump; Millennium Place Office; More!

SOMERVILLE—The city's in on the larger housing-sales bump, according to the Warren Group: "64 condos and single-family homes sold in Somerville during May. That compares to just 24 that sold in May of 2011, a 167 percent increase." [Patch]

HUB-WIDE—Didn't we see you on the T? Probably. 'Cause May was "the 16th consecutive month in which monthly figures exceeded the previous year’s..." F.Y.I. as well: Fares jump this Sunday. [Herald]
CHINATOWN—John A. Keith has photographic evidence that it appears that Millennium Partners, builders of Millennium Place (nee Hayward Place) and the mother of all recent Boston condo towers, Millennium Tower (clever, these chaps!), will use retail space on Tremont Street as the former's sales office. Its website just soft-launched besides. [Twitter]

Millennium Place

580 Washington St, Boston, MA 02111