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Year One at Area Four; A Look Inside Empire

Come in, come in! Pull up a chair, it's the weekly visit from Eater Boston!

KENDALL SQUAREArea Four co-owners Michael Krupp and chef Michael Leviton tell Eater about the instant classic's first year in the latest installment of One Year In. What's next after blazing the trail for the Kendall Square restaurant boom? Whole roasted goat.

SOUTH END—President Barack Obama was in town this week to raise some dough, including a $40,000 a plate dinner at Hamersley's Bistro. Also, the secret service put the kibosh on valet service at The Beehive for the afternoon.

SEAPORT DISTRICTEmpire opened at Fan Pier last weekend, and here's a look inside the absolutely massive interior, which has room for you and 649 of your closest friends. The pan-Asian menu even throws food nerds a few bones.

DAVIS SQUARE—Good news, stoned Tufts students! Amsterdam Falafelshop opens today, filling a previously vacant niche for Middle Eastern cuisine as imaged by the Netherlands, meaning there's plenty of mayo for your fries.