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Ritz-Carlton's Seven-Figure Swing for the Fences

Welcome, come in! You are sitting amid the smallest, newest million-dollar listing in Boston! This 2-BR, 2-BA on the 33rd floor of the Ritz-Carlton squeaks out to 1,030 square feet and yet clocks in at $1,300,000. We think the tag has less to do with the space than the building itself, with its concierge service, fitness center, valet garaged parking (which comes with this particular condo), and the general Master-of-the-Freakin'-Universe vibe that comes from the views. Besides, the numbers mean the per-square-foot price comes out to about $1,262, which is a relative pittance placed against some deals, like, oh, Tomsele's this time last week. Moreover, spread last traded in June 2009 for a similarly lusty $1,062,500, suggesting that the current asking is no pipe dream.

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