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On a Day Like This, How's About a Waterfront Deck Like This?

Every Monday this summer Curbed Boston's Summer Sites brings you the finest outdoor residential space the Hub has to offer. We're jealous, too, don't feel bad.

Kind of remarkable the weather, no? Dreary and cool in early June? What is this, London!? Anyway, herewith one of the biggest private deck-and-sunroom combinations on the Boston waterfront (756 square feet on the back deck alone, 378 square feet on the front one). It's no longer available, however, as this 2-BR, 3.5-BA in Union Wharf on Commercial Street was one of the biggest condo sales in the city in April at $2.5M. Still, gander at the spacious amount of outdoor entertainment space, at the sunlight from the walls and ceilings. Even the office appears to be geared straight toward the Harbor, which would distract us in our work to no end (trust us, we face a parking garage in Cambridge and look at it about 20 times an hour). The interior space runs 2,429 square feet, and you can check out the floorplan here (PDF) if you don't believe us about the decks.

· Listing: 343 Commercial Street, #606 [Link]

Union wharf

343 Commercial Street, Boston, Massachusetts