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Free Silver Line; Newton Apt. Sales; Record Deal in Concord

BOSTON—The MBTA wants to try something for 90 days and $100K a month: "Passengers taking Silver Line buses from Logan Airport will ride for free starting Wednesday, a move that also means free transfers to the subway system at South Station and appears to make Logan the first major airport to provide free public transportation for travelers heading downtown." []

BEYOND 128—A 17-room mansion near Walden Woods has become Concord's priciest sale ever. Still, it's a bargain: "The six-bedroom home located at 281 Fairhaven Hill sold for $8.6 million—18 percent off the listing price of $10.5 million." [Biz Journal]

NEWTON—Here's what a 15-unit complex goes for nowadays: "Three apartment buildings at 59-75 Wyman Street in the Waban neighborhood of Newton, Mass. have been sold to Sarben Realty Corp. for $3.48 million." [Biz Journal]