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Boston Washes Its Dishes; First-Time Buyers Busier

BOSTON—The City Council passed its kibosh on satellite dishes: "The proposal, which is supported by Mayor Thomas M. Menino, would require removal of all obsolete dishes. It would also ban new installations from facades and other walls facing the street, unless an installer can prove there is no other place to get a signal. Dishes would have to be placed on roofs, in the rear, or on the sides of buildings." []
HUB-WIDE—Where the home-sales activity is, per the Fed's latest Beige Book: "In the Greater Boston area, sales continue to increase while inventories fall to low levels, particularly in the condominium market. Some respondents say activity among first-time homebuyers has increased, reflecting continued affordability. Reports also indicate increased activity for homes in the mid-price range." [BusinessWeek]