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North End Residents to Rude Dog Lovers: Don't Dump on Us!

The North End is in the midst of a shitstorm. Literally. It seems the instances of dog owners walking their beloveds onto neighborhood baseball fields and parkland to do their business has reached a big, steaming tipping point. Witness this letter to parents sent from resident Vincent Santaniello about a recent Sunday morning visit to the park with the kids:

There were a constant flow of dogs off their leashes leaving CACA on ALL of the fields. When a man with a large dark brown dog and a blond woman with a small white dog came 3 feat from shortstop, I said to them, “You can’t have your dog off the leash and doing caca on the baseball fields."
The man replied IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN, "You’re the guy who gave me a hard time before, F**k you, lick my ass. You’re not even from the neighborhood."

I called Animal Control a few times and they finally came.

Later we moved to the field near the Mirabella and found two large piles of dog caca, only 12? from the home team bench. I have pictures of this as well as with our 9 year old Francesca Rubini frowning on the bench.

Cheer up, Francesca, as Santaniello has supporters as judged by responses to his letter like this one:

The DeFilippo Playground on Prince Street is used as a toilet for hundreds of dogs. The signs “No Dogs” do not stop dog owners playing where our children play every day. The dog owners have a sense of entitlement as a dog owner using a children’s playground as a toilet. Dogs are in CVS, local bars that serve food, Post Office, Gone Bananas, Bova’s, when does the line not get crossed when it comes to public safety? When do the children come first?

Santaniello has vowed to pursue the poop-etrators through the police and through a petition drive that might end in leash laws similar to those for the Charles River Esplanade. Bark!

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