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There's No Place Like Stuart Street; Top Waterfront Dining

We'll have what they're having: Eater Boston stops by.

THEATER DISTRICT—Last night the Emerald Lounge opened in the new Revere Hotel that stands where the Radisson once did. And man is it crazy. The Oz-inspired decor includes a metallic tornado-like sculpture and lots of eerie green.
BACK BAYClio's 15th anniversary party last Tuesday was the kind of event that you hope lightening doesn't strike, given the lengthy list of successful alumni chefs who turned up for the bash and somehow all fit in the kitchen. Here's a list of all fifteen courses.
WATERFRONT—Yes there are lots of big, shiny restaurants at the South Boston Waterfront/Seaport District/Innovation District, but their proximity to the Atlantic doesn't necessarily mean they serve the best eats and drinks. So here's your definitive guide to waterfront dining all along the harbor.
SOMERVILLE—Sadly, Ronnarong Thai Tapas Bar in Union Square will serve its last meal tomorrow night. Not to laugh at a funeral, but it's pretty exciting that Tim Wiechmann's new sausage and beer fest dubbed Bronwyn will move in.