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Fireworks at 410 Beacon! Regal Townhouse Chops Price $800K

Last Wednesday was the Fourth of July (which makes today... let's see... one... two... July 11!), and we gave you all sorts of publicly accessible ways to watch the fireworks from the middle of the Charles. One way to watch them all by your lonesome (or with friends and relatives whom you want to make jealous) was via the two rooftop decks of the epic townhouse at 410 Beacon Street. Above is what you would have seen one week ago tonight.

At 410 Beacon, you get exactly what you see laid out above: four bedrooms; seven bathrooms (five full); a library; a media room; an elevator that goes to all six floors; at least six walk-in closets; the two top decks (back and front, separated by a glassy mezzanine); a bedroom on the fourth floor outfitted to be a gym; and the main hall's exposure through the second floor.

The 9,107-square-foot townhouse has been on the market for almost a year; and, in keeping with the meta-trend in luxury Boston housing, its tag has gone from an imperial $9,650,000 to a kingly $8,850,000 as of yesterday. That actually comes out to a relative steal of $971 a square foot, which, is much less than what Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen sold their penthouse down the street for last month ($1,732 a foot). That's the measure we go by in this town now, got it? Good.

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