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Go Head and Stair: Cambridge Townhouse Wants $11K Monthly

Wowza! On the northwestern edges of fair Harvard lies (lay? has lain?) this immaculate 3,265-square-foot townhouse. The stairs! The in-unit elevator if you don't want to take the stairs! The molding! The yard! The top-floor family room! The built-in shelves and the central air! The 4-BR, 3.5-BA spread at 29 Chauncy Street traded in May for a kingly $2,430,000; and has promptly hit the rental market for a cool $11,000 a month. With that, you also get two parking spaces. Perfect for the recent Harvard grad in your life (Saudi princes, we're looking at you!).

· Listing: 29 Chauncy Street, #2 [Zillow]
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