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Mission Hill's Worthington Street; Vets' Hub Housing Troubles

MISSION HILL—A parsing of "five great streets to live on right now" in Boston: "Similar to Frederick Douglass Square, Worthington Street, and Wigglesworth Street which runs parallel, has a distinct housing style that sets it apart from the rest of the neighborhood. In this case, the housing stock is similar to what you’d find in the Back Bay, although of a lesser quality, probably, when it comes to building materials." [Block Avenue]
HUB-WIDE—According to a new report, many returning military veterans have a tough go of it here housing-wise: "The study said veterans in the Suffolk, Norfolk and Plymouth counties face the 14th most expensive rental market in the nation with rents for a two-bedroom at $1,369. Vets hoping to buy their first home in Middlesex County are in the 11th most expensive place to buy nationwide." [Biz Journal]