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Boston's Wacky Luxury Market Births $10M Twins

'Tis not often that two Boston homes asking more than $10 million hit the market on the same day. In fact, we're pretty darn sure that's never happened (clarifications welcome). Yesterday, though, two townhouses, one in Back Bay and one in Beacon Hill, did just that. Let's look upon them and despair, shall we?

The 7,878-square-foot townhouse at 78 Beacon Street, listed by Gibson Sotheby's Beth Dickerson, dates from 1846. It has at least six bedrooms; seven bathrooms (two halves); an au pair suite; a roof deck and walk-out balcony; 11 fireplaces; three parking spaces (one of them direct-access); and, well, just look at the kitchen, would you? It's asking $10,750,000.

Barely a mile away, the 9,817-square-foot 130 Commonwealth Avenue sits with a price-tag that would match the biggest Boston home sale of 2012 so far: $12,500,000. It's got six bedrooms; 10 bathrooms (two halves); a master suite by itself that spreads over approximately 1,500 square feet; an au paire suite; a wine cellar capable of holding 2,200 bottles; and a ridiculous six heated parking spaces. It's being listed by Tracy Campion.

Both homes are undoubtedly gobsmackingly scrumptious, knockouts even by luxury Boston standards. But does that translate into taking prices of $10M-plus? Maybe.

Of the two, 130 Commonwealth has the best shot and here's why. Boston's luxury homes of late—luxury homes Hub-wide, really—have been trading but oftentimes at reduced prices; and sometimes those reductions come rather suddenly (to the public) in the final negotiations. Take the $12.5M sale we mentioned, the biggest Boston one of 2012 so far. The townhouse at 15 Commonwealth went on the market in the summer of 2009 for $15,900,000, and was gradually price-chopped. Even if the same fate befalls 130 Commonwealth, it could still trade for more than $10M.

As for 78 Beacon, it could meet the fate of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen's place on the same street. The penthouse at 310 Beacon went on the market late last year (again) for $10.5M, and then sold last month for $9.2M. Nothing to sneeze at, of course. For now, bask in the wackiness of a luxury Boston market that will not be denied. At least until closing.

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