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Boston's Tiniest Condo for Sale Comes w/ Handy Escape Hatch

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So Medford native and current New York City Medici Michael Bloomberg launched a contest this week to entice developers to build what we call micro-apartments here in the Hub: strictly functional dwellings of around 300 square feet ("larger than a jail cell but smaller than a mobile home," as the Daily News put it). Well, this reality is actually beyond the theoretical over at 141 Arlington Street, where a 330-square-foot apartment is currently on the market for $300,000. We believe it might be the smallest condo for sale in Boston right now, and, staggeringly enough, it's an honest-to-god 1-BR, not a studio. Moreover, dig the private roof deck, accessible through a fabulously James Bond-esque hatch sure to impress dates and your dad, who didn't think you could hack it in the city.

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